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I have a label which labels the line numbers based on the text on RichTextBox. I have hooked the event of Vscroll to handle the labeling.

private void rtbLogicCode_VScroll(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Point pt = new Point(0, 1);
    int firstIndex = rtbLogicCode.GetCharIndexFromPosition(pt);
    int firstLine = rtbLogicCode.GetLineFromCharIndex(firstIndex);

    pt.X = ClientRectangle.Width;
    pt.Y = ClientRectangle.Height;
    int lastIndex = rtbLogicCode.GetCharIndexFromPosition(pt);
    int lastLine = rtbLogicCode.GetLineFromCharIndex(lastIndex);

    // Small correction
    if (rtbLogicCode.Text.EndsWith("\n"))


private void LabelLineNum(int startNum, int lastNum)
    labelLogicCode.Font = UIConstant.DDCLogicCodeFont;
    for (int i = startNum; i < lastNum; i++)
        labelLogicCode.Text += i + Environment.NewLine;

Everything seems to work properly except RichTextBox uses Smooth Scrolling feature, which screws up my line numbering in many cases where the user has not scrolled all the way to the next line. This causes the line numbers to be not synchronized with the actual text shown on the RichTextBox.

In the end, I need to disable smoothscrolling feature to accomplish this. I was told that you can override the postMessage API of RichTextBox to disable the mentioned feature but after searching through many documents, I couldn't find any good ones.

I would appreciate a solution that is as detailed as possible on how to disable smoothscrolling feature. Thanks.

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Not an answer to your question, but in the long run a more advanced editing control might be in order... Scintilla is one possibility. –  romkyns Jun 19 '12 at 12:11
You can't turn this feature off. –  Hans Passant Jun 19 '12 at 12:15

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Here's a VB example from Microsoft, suggesting you need to intercept WM_MOUSEWHEEL messages.

Here's a quick prototype in C#:

class MyRichTextBox : RichTextBox {

    public static extern IntPtr SendMessage(
          IntPtr hWnd,      // handle to destination window
          uint Msg,       // message
          IntPtr wParam,  // first message parameter
          IntPtr lParam   // second message parameter

    const uint WM_MOUSEWHEEL = 0x20A;
    const uint WM_VSCROLL = 0x115;
    const uint SB_LINEUP = 0;
    const uint SB_LINEDOWN = 1;
    const uint SB_THUMBTRACK = 5;

    private void Intercept(ref Message m) {
        int delta = (int)m.WParam >> 16 & 0xFF;
        if((delta >> 7) == 1) {
            SendMessage(m.HWnd, WM_VSCROLL, (IntPtr)SB_LINEDOWN, (IntPtr)0);
        } else {
            SendMessage(m.HWnd, WM_VSCROLL, (IntPtr)SB_LINEUP, (IntPtr)0);

    protected override void WndProc(ref Message m) {
        switch((uint)m.Msg) {
            case WM_MOUSEWHEEL:
                Intercept(ref m);
            case WM_VSCROLL:
                if(((uint)m.WParam & 0xFF) == SB_THUMBTRACK) {
                    Intercept(ref m);
                } else {
                    DefWndProc(ref m);
                DefWndProc(ref m);
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I looked at the code for a while and honestly don't understand how that code works as I have no expertise in VB. Could I get an explanation of the code in C# perhaps? –  l46kok Jun 20 '12 at 7:57
I've added a similar example in C# - it's a bit rough around the edges but should get you started. –  PhilMY Jun 20 '12 at 8:59

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