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I have copied and pasted the code from into a django template, but when I upload a photo, the demo says "Server (IO) Error" before it actually uploads the entire file. The runserver is getting the request and returning a 200. Is there something I am missing here? What steps should I take to debug?

Thanks, Collin Anderson

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Do you receive the entire file on the Django server? Were there any other requests made to the server other than the main upload? I presume you changed the settings to point to your own back-end, what were those changes? – Vinay Sajip Jul 10 '09 at 15:24

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Found it. I was uploading to a dummy view, and for some reason if you don't actually access request.POST or request.FILES it gives that error message.

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Make sure you have write permission to your server. In the folder you installed that thing. Check the user that is running runserver. If in windows - check folder is not readonly.

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