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i have a booking form that requires a user to input their details alongside a date. the user cannot submit a date that is within 24 hours. a booking must be made after 24 hours.

how can i implement this?. i have obtained the current date and time.

so if the current date and time is 19062012 1324 the booking cannot be made until 20062012 1324

what i tried to do is this:

long mdates = (long) (Long.parseLong(date.getText().toString()));
    long mprefered= (long) (Long.parseLong(date2.getText().toString()));
        long sub = mprefered - mdates;

    if (preferedDateEditText.getText().toString() != null
            && !preferedDateEditText.getText().toString()
                    .equalsIgnoreCase("") && sub>100000000) {
        emailBody += "Prefered date & Time:"
                + preferedDateEditText.getText().toString().trim()
                + "\n sub="+sub;
    } else {
        errorMessage += "A booking cannot be made within 24 hours.";

this works however if the prefered date is 01072012 1324 then it wont accept as being 24 hours in advance any help would be appreciated

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Date date1 = new Date(millis);

Date date2 = new Date(millis);


        else if(date1.compareTo(date2)<0)

            //both are equal
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what is millis? – Tuffy G Jun 19 '12 at 13:12
it is the time which is equal to the date – KK_07k11A0585 Jun 19 '12 at 13:19
Date date = new Date(long);
if (date.before(other_date)) {
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I meant "long" it's a Date() in milliseconds or other date object – Gorets Jun 19 '12 at 13:17

Use SimpleDateFormat to parse your date strings into Date objects. Then you can use those objects for comparison.

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See this question for more info… – pilotcam Jun 19 '12 at 12:41

You can use Date and DateFormat to pares your date strings to Date objects, and then use the Date.before(Date) and Date.after(Date) functions to compare.

public checkTimePassed(String datestring){
        DateFormat dfm = new SimpleDateFormat("ddMMyyyy hm");
        Date preferred_date = dfm.parse(datestring);
        Date now = new Date();
        double minimum_time = preferred_date.getTime() + (24 * 60 * 60);
        return now.getTime() > minimum_time;
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