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<input id="checkOldPassword" type="button" title="Check New Password" value="Check New Password" onclick="checkPassword()" />
<input id="newPassword" type="text" maxlength="8" min="8" />

<script language="javascript">
function checkPassword()
  var validString = /^[a-z](?=[a-z]*[0-9])[a-z0-9]{0,6}[a-z]$/;
  alert("this worked");
  var password = document.getElementById(newPassword).value;
  var test = re.test(password);

The popup window saying "this worked" appears correctly so I know the code is executing but alert(password) doesn't pop up the typed password. What am i doing wrong?

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Use quotes:


Without quotes you have:


as you don't have any newPassword variable defined.

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var password = document.getElementById(newPassword).value;

To (note the quotes on the element id)...

var password = document.getElementById("newPassword").value;
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