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After I create request using apprequest dialog, it appears in notification bar and on the right side on main facebook page. On the right side, link to application looks like this

But when i click it from notification bar (top left) the url goes like this

So no request_ids is delivered. Do you know why this happens? Is it bug?

I know I can get all request for user through Graph API, but I need rights to do it.

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I can not reproduce the behavior you are describing. Acting on an application request from anywhere appends the request_id to the URL... – Lix Jun 19 '12 at 12:54

You have to get basic permissions from a user in order to do ANYTHING with the request_ids. You will have to authenticate new users in order to monitor their request_ids.

I wouldn't want any application (that I haven't authorized yet) to have access to my pending requests.

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