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this is the problem once i try to save data into db with sql statement insert.

my function is this:

public void save(){


public static Result registered() {
    Form<User> requestform = form(User.class).bindFromRequest();

        return badRequest("<p>fehlerhafte eingabe!</p>").as("text/html");
    } else {
        User user = requestform.get();
        String fullname = user.fullname;
        String email = user.email;
        String password = user.password;
        String username = user.username;
        new User(username, password, fullname, email).save();

    return redirect(controllers.routes.Application.index());


thanks for help

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It is just like the debugging message says, you do not have an entity manager bound to your methods because they are not marked as transactions.

public static Result registered() {

Also, if you are using EBean, you could just extend Model for your User class, which comes with many handy built in functions for database use, see documentation here: http://www.playframework.org/documentation/2.0.1/JavaEbean

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