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We are using TortoiseSVN for a project. One file in this project has a special status. It can be modified locally but the SVN version must not be modified.

So, I have locked the file so that noone, unless me, can modify this file. Now I am searching a way so that even me cannot modify this file. Do you know if it is possible and how?

Thanks for your answer.

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Add a serverside pre-commit hook that rejects commits touching that file.

See http://wordaligned.org/articles/a-subversion-pre-commit-hook

There is an example function listing all affected files. To make the script reject the commit, write "You cannot modify THENAMEOFTHEFILE" to STDERR and exit with an error code. For example sys.stderr.write("ProjectThingyFile.txt is read-only.\n"); sys.exit(1)

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Thanks. I will see with the server admin to do this. –  Alain kaufmann Jun 19 '12 at 14:48

Does it need to be part of the SVN repository as you can ignore it so it will not be committed and can remain unique per users machine.

Find the file right click on it goto the tortoiseSVN Menu Unversion and add to ignore list or add to ignore list

This process will stop any changes to that file being committed from any user

Tortoise SVN Documentation on this

Hope this helps


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Yes. It needs to be committed. Content is required for the application. –  Alain kaufmann Jun 19 '12 at 14:42

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