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I have this problem since I'm beginning in OOP programming I want to close one Class from other Class who have been called by this Class I want to close.


Class Principal call Class Menu and inside menu i close Principal

//Im inside of Principal

Menu mnu = new Menu();

//Now im inside of Menu

public void closePrincipal(){

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Without more context it's difficult to know what you're doing. – Dave Newton Jun 19 '12 at 13:57
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You can pass the reference to the principal class to the menu;

// in your principal

Menu mnu = new Menu(this);

You have to define that constructor in the Menu class:

class Menu{
    private Principal principal;

    public Menu(Principal principal){
      this.principal = principal;

So when you want to use it in your menu, just do it.

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Why should Menu in the first place be responsible for closing the resources on the caller? This breaks encapsulation and increases coupling. – jspboix Jun 19 '12 at 14:13
Thank you :E very helpful – gmlyra Jun 19 '12 at 20:09

When you say "Im inside the code of class Principal", you may want to think as "I have make a variable based on Class principal, and I am executing some code for that variable".

You have turn a definition ( "class" ) into an specific object.

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Create the menu and pass the principal

Menu mnu = new Menu(this);

In the menu:

private Principal principal;

public Menu(Principal principal) {
    this.principal = principal;

//You can close the menu's principal any time by calling this...
public void closePrincipal() {

You can close the principal this way


Or close it at the Menu's constructor.

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