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I want to do a query in Oracle using xmltable.
Everything works fine, but there are multiple (n) results for xml node "article_title". For each row the result "<string>Article Name1</string><string>Article Name 2</string>... is returned. But I want every article name to be returned as a single row.
How can I realize this?

  myTable C, 
                          xmltable (
                           '$cust//member' PASSING C.STAT_XML as "cust"
                           name VARCHAR(25) PATH '/member/name',
                           article_title XMLTYPE PATH '//string/text()'
                          ) as X

WHERE X.name = 'articles';
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Can you give us an example of your XML ? –  A.B.Cade Jun 19 '12 at 14:33

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Try something like this:

FROM my_table C,
     xmltable('for $i in $cust//string , $j in $cust//member[./string=$i]/name return <member>{$j}{$i}</member>' 
    passing c.stat_xml AS "cust" 
    columns name varchar2(25) path '/member/name', 
    article_title xmltype path '//string') AS X
WHERE X.name = 'articles';

Here is a fiddle

I assumed that for every member you have one name but might have many strings

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