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I am using lazy_highcharts gem and trying to configure live charts. Following this guide for live charts I have added a function in my controller that renders JSON output in this format [1340051521000,8]

def live
    x = Time.now.to_i * 1000
    y = Random.rand(11)
    #create an array and echo to JSON
    ret =[x,y]
    render :json => @j

Next I have a new JS file called live_update.js where I pasted steps 2. and 3. containing 'requestData()'

I made the callback from the view:

 = high_chart("my_id", @h) do |c|

NOTE: I wasn't able to call it from my controller: f.options[:chart][:events][:load] = 'requestData'

When I run it, I get an error: chart is not defined, when clearly it was defined globally in the JS file.

This is what I see in the browser Source View:

<script type="text/javascript">
            jQuery(function() {
                  // 1. Define JSON options
                  var options = {
                                chart: {"defaultSeriesType":"column","renderTo":"my_id","zoomType":"xy"},
                                        title: {"text":"Test"},
                                        legend: {"layout":"horizontal","style":{}},
                                        xAxis: {"type":"datetime"},
                                        yAxis: {"title":{"text":"Agents"},"labels":{},"min":"0","allowDecimals":false,"gridLineDashStyle":"LongDash"},
                                        tooltip:  {"enabled":true},
                                        credits: {"enabled":false},
                                        plotOptions: {"areaspline":{}},
                                        series: [{"name":"test","data":[]}],
                                        subtitle: {}

                  // 2. Add callbacks (non-JSON compliant)                

                  // 3. Build the chart
                    var chart = new Highcharts.Chart(options);
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works in version 1.1.6

f.options[:chart][:events] = {
  :load => %| function requestData(){
      success: function(a){
        var c=chart.series[0], d=c.data.length>20;
      }, cache:false
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