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Short version:

I would like the maven-glassfish-plugin to only be executed in the root project in a hierarchical (inheritance based) maven multiproject setup.

Long version:

Following setup:

+ ear-module
|  |
|  +-pom.xml
+ jar-module

All submodules are included in the root project via <modules>...</modules> and all submodules inherit the root project pom.xml. In my root project pom I include the maven-glassfish-plugin:


(Note: This is just an simplified version of my pom. It may not run :)

I want to only deploy the ear-module module to glassfish, this is why I added <inherited>false</inherited> section, and depict the modules to be deployed as <components>...</components> in the root pom.

Now the command:

mvn glassfish:deploy

Will deploy the ear to glassfish, all well so far... but then maven will decent recursively to all submodules, which will all fail with:

No plugin found for prefix 'glassfish' in the current project and in the plugin groups [org.apache.maven.plugins, org.codehaus.mojo] available from the repositories

I could tell maven to only run the root project with the -pl option but for my gusto, deploying shouldn't rely on such additional information.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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It seems that there is no good solution to this problem:

  • either the plugin supports a "NOP"/silent discard functionality
  • or it will fail in all subprojects

Another method could be to create a new subproject (which is not included in the root project by <modules>...</modules> but inherits from the root project) and add dependencies to only the projects that have a deployment artifact.

The plugin can now be included in this subproject without it wanting to run any subproject.

Or for anybody who is lazy: mvn clean package glassfish:redeploy -pl . to selectively only run the root project without descending into child projects.

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