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I'm using VIM in red hat 5, with the black background and green letters. However, I don't like the color schema for strings ("") nor reserved C++ key variables (int for example it is in dark green). Could someone please give me some suggestions how could I change those default colors? I know, for example, to change the comment collor I do

hl Comment ctermfg=yellow

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Many colorschemes here. :colorscheme <scheme name> to change them... – Michael Berkowski Jun 19 '12 at 14:13
have you tried tweaking the original .vim syntax-highlighting file? You can learn a thing or two by doing it since you can take a look at how existing syntax-highlighting specs are defined – Nadir Sampaoli Jun 19 '12 at 14:14
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Type :hi, then hit Enter. A list of highlighting definition will show.
The C++ groups start with c.

int is a cType. Try:

:hi cType ctermfg=yellow

You can put your custom highlighting commands into vimrc(after colorscheme name and syntax on).

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If you'd want to customize your current colorscheme, check out this Vivify. Adjust the color editor to your specific language and then save the colorscheme file into your vimfiles.

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