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This question comes from a concerned user. We are trying to use the rake-hooks gem, but bundle install gives us an error:

Unfortunately, the gem rake-hooks (1) has an invalid gemspec. As a result, Bundler cannot install this Gemfile. Please ask the gem author to yank the bad version to fix this issue. For more information, see http://bit.ly/syck-defaultkey.

I assumed it would be a simple thing for the gem owner, so I let them know about the issue (https://github.com/guillermo/rake-hooks/issues/10). Time passed. I forgot about it.

Then, the need arose again. This time I forked the project and tried many things to fix it, including creating a fresh gemspec via bundle gem rake-hooks. I still receive the same error.

What gives? How could a newly minted gemspec be invalid?
You can find both gemspecs at: https://gist.github.com/2954475

I would really appreciate it if someone could review the gemspec at https://github.com/guillermo/rake-hooks.

Thanks, matt

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gist.github.com/2965755 – Guillermo Jun 21 '12 at 13:36

If you are using bundler 1.1.x this could be the problem


And this the solution:

bundle install --full-index

It seems to be a problem between bundler 1.1.x and Rubygems indexes.

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As stated above, I get this same error when trying to install it from a local gem package, with a newly generated gemspec. Are local packages affected by Rubygems indexes? gem 'rake-hooks', '1.2.4', :require => false, :path => '~/develop/gems/rake-hooks' – Matt Scilipoti Jul 16 '12 at 1:48
Also, thanks for the --full-index option. Unfortunately, my Travis CI build is still failing. – Matt Scilipoti Jul 16 '12 at 2:48

My investigation indicates that version 1 of rake-hooks is causing the issue. I didn't realize, until I was debugging, that the "1" in the error message "rake-hooks (1)" was a version number. The lack of a ".0", as in "1.0", threw me off.

It does seem kind of strange that version "1" is affecting us even if we are specifying version 1.2.3 OR installing a local package, but... the Rubygems guys are recommending we yank the offending version for rubygems.

I have asked the gem owner to yank the offending version.

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