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Seems that This will be an easy question for you but this problem is meltin my head for almost 1 hour !

I have a table (noeuds) with many different equipments (noeud), each of them I have the address as Rivoli, insee_com, num_voie.

I need to copy the address from one noeud to another noeud prompeted by microsoft access user in a simple query. I tried something like this for a simple one, can anyone bring light to my room and help me with this issue?

UPDATE noeuds AS n 

WHERE (SELECT noeuds.NOEUD, noeuds.* FROM noeuds WHERE (((noeuds.NOEUD)=[dest])));

I'm using a M$ Access database

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You're over thinking it. Just reference the noeuds table twice in the UPDATE clause using aliases set destination field = source field and use a simple where

UPDATE noeuds AS dest, noeuds AS source 
SET dest.RIVOLI = source.RIVOLI
      dest.NOEUD =[dest]  
     source.NOEUD  = [orig]
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Thank you very much, I would change more than 100 records by hand copying addresses for each project. I really needed that simple update refresh.... –  Odones Jun 19 '12 at 14:54

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