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I'm trying to get the persistent Jquery Mobile navbar footer working. I would like it to be drawn dynamically with javascript (it's for a PhoneGap application) rather than using PHP for templating the footer.

The following is adapted from:

however, the jquery styling isn't being applied to pages 2 and 3. It's as if $("#navbar").navbar() isn't being called for these pages or is being called too early.

Can anyone help me out with where I might be going wrong? Or point me to a code example which has a dynamic persistent navbar, preferably with active button persistence?

<!DOCTYPE html> 
  <meta name=viewport content="user-scalable=no,width=device-width" />
  <link rel=stylesheet />
  <script src=lib/jquery.js></script>
  <script src=lib/></script>


<div data-role=page id=page1>
  <div data-role=header>

  <div data-role=content>
   <p> Window content </p>

<div data-role=page id=page2>
  <div data-role=header>

  <div data-role=content>
   <p> Window content </p>

<div data-role=page id=page3>
  <div data-role=header>

  <div data-role=content>
   <p> Window content </p>



var html = "";
html += "<div data-role=footer data-position=fixed>";
html +=   "<h1> Footer part </h1>";

html +=   "<div id=navbar>";
html +=     "<ul>";
html +=       "<li><a href=#page1 data-icon=refresh>Refresh</a></li>";
html +=       "<li><a href=#page2 data-icon=info>Help</a></li>";
html +=       "<li><a href=#page3 data-icon=delete>Close</a></li>";
html +=     "</ul>";
html +=   "</div>";
html += "</div>";

$("#page1").append (html);
$("#page2").append (html);
$("#page3").append (html);



$("li").bind ("click", function (event)

  alert ($(this).find ("a").text ());


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you are adding three elements with same id and then creating navbar based on id which will run for first only. try class='navbar' while creating the html content and then use $('.navbar').navbar() – dhaval Jun 19 '12 at 18:13
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In your code, navbar() looks very odd to me. Because i never seen these method in jquery mobile official documentation. And one more thing, you never mentioned the data-role="navbar" to the listview div element.

You can dynamically append jquery navbar with noramal jquery .append() method.

I will give you the sample code of dynamic navbar in jquery. It will solve your problem.

$navbar+="<div data-role='navbar'>";
$navbar+="<ul><li><a href='a.html' class='ui-btn-active ui-state-persist'>One</a></li>";
/*This class="ui-btn-active ui-state-persist" is to highlight the first tab*/
$navbar+="<ul><li><a href='b.html'>Two</a></li>";
$navbar+="<li><a href='c.html'>Three</a></li></ul></div>";
$("#page1").append ($navbar); /*First append to page 1 of the footer*/
$("#page1").trigger("pagecreate"); /*To refresh the page and load the dynamic append navbar*/

Do the same process in the button click of page2 and page3 change the class='ui-btn-active ui-state-persist' repective pages.

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