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I've got multiple partial views in a page, in which I use SignalR.

For the correct execution all partial views need to register with the hub using an ID.

I've implemented this using:

$.connection.hub.start(function () { <hubname>.register(<id>); });

When there's only one partial view present on the page, it works as designed. But once there are 2 or more only one of the register commands is executed. And therefor only one of the partial views works.

I would prefer it if I could keep the partial views self contained.

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dfowler answered my question on JabbR:

// --- outside of the user controls, e.g. on the container page ---
$(function() {
  window.hubReady = $.connection.hub.start();

// --- in your other pages ---
$(function() {
    window.hubReady.done(function() {
        // call hub method
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you don't know the order of $(function() so this only works if window.hubReady = $.connection.hub.start(); is executed at beginning –  zoidbergi Feb 25 '13 at 13:34

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