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I want the rules of a target to be executed but all dependent targets shall regard this target as satisfied.

How can I achieve this?


    @echo Warning: server offline, still continue ...
    @exit 0

foo.csv: $(NETWORK_SHARE)/foo.log
    @echo Long export from a (different) server
    @echo sleep 20
    @echo foo > $@

If $(NETWORK_SHARE)/foo.log exists: foo.csv shall be rebuilt if $(NETWORK_SHARE)/foo.log is newer than foo.csv; otherwise nothing should happen (default)

If $(NETWORK_SHARE)/foo.log does not exist (e.g., server offline, failure, ...) only a message indicating a problem should be printed but foo.csv shall only be built if foo.csv does not exist.

I played around with .PHONY and returning different return values but for case 2, the expensive "export" happens as soon as I execute something on $(NETWORK_SHARE)/foo.log ...

Regards divB

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I know of no clean way to do this, but you could kludge it with conditionals withing the commands... –  Beta Jun 19 '12 at 18:31
Hi, Thank you this is what I do already, however, I have still the problem. I think I found a good way to re-formulate: I want to output a message (execute commands) on a target which is up to date. –  divB Jun 20 '12 at 7:32
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Looks like instead of using some old file (that someone can accidentally touch), you can use an order-only prerequisite. Here's a quote from the GNU makefile manual (chapter 4.3)

Occasionally, however, you have a situation where you want to impose a specific ordering on the rules to be invoked without forcing the target to be updated if one of those rules is executed. In that case, you want to define order-only prerequisites. Order-only prerequisites can be specified by placing a pipe symbol (|) in the prerequisites list: any prerequisites to the left of the pipe symbol are normal; any prerequisites to the right are order-only:

 targets : normal-prerequisites | order-only-prerequisites
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Great, thanks to Thiton's answer in my related question (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11121000/force-make-to-find-out-of-date-condition-from-file) I can now provide a hack to solve this:

.PHONY: always-remake

NETWORK_SHARE = //server/dfs/common/logs

.PHONY: all
all: foo.csv

# file does not exist ...
ifeq "$(wildcard $(NETWORK_SHARE)/foo.log)" ""

old_file: always-remake
    @echo Warning: network is not available ....

foo.csv: old_file
    @echo Expensive export
    @sleep 10
    @echo $@ > $@
foo.csv: $(NETWORK_SHARE)/foo.log
    @echo Doing expensive export since log file changed ...
    @sleep 10
    @echo $@ > $@

"old_file" is a dummy file which must exist and should never be newer than any other file (e.g. 1/1/1971, 00:00)

Regards divB

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