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I am using perl system calls nested from a perl script:

$file1 = shift @ARGV;
system("cat file.txt | perl -pi -e 's/OUTPUT/$file1/'");

The problem is that if $file1 contains characters such as @, it makes it problematic to use it this way. Is there a way to tell perl that it should "escape" whatever $file1 is containing, instead of treating @... as an array?

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But why are you spawning a second Perl process? You can do it in the the same script.

my $file = shift;
    local $^I = '';
    local @ARGV = ('file.txt');
    while (<>) {
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There shouldn't be a need to call perl from inside of perl. Something like this should work:

my $file1 = shift;
my @data;
open(my $fh, '<+', 'file.txt') or die $!;
while (<$fh>) {
   $_ =~ s/OUTPUT/$file1/;
   push(@data, $_);

seek($fh, 0, 0);
truncate($fh, 0);

for my line (@data) {
   print ${fh} $line;
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