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Does anyone have any good documents talking about agile eligibility criterias of a project ? maybe a checklist to identify opportunities and risks before the beginning of the project.

Thanks :)

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The short answer is this: If your project is all of the following:

  • Short (no longer than a month, as a rule of thumb)
  • Simple (everything there will be to know about the project is presently known)
  • Straight Forward (After delivery, there will be no future development / maintenance)

Then you may consider not doing agile!

In all other cases, you will be well served by developing your project in an agile manner.

From small start ups to large multinational companies (Microsoft, for example) more and more companies are implementing agile mindsets and methodologies.

From small clients to middle-sized financial institutes to gigantic ones (United States Department of Defense, for example), more and more are accepting, encouraging or even demanding a flexible and incremental delivery and an open visible development project.

The important thing to understand, though is that perceptions of what agile is and isn't are often wrong. not planning, for example, or not documenting are, despite popular belief not agile.

What I would suggest, is to first make sure you understand what agile really is. Here are a few good resources:

  • The agile manifesto (Important note: while the things on the left are more important, we still value the things on the right).
  • Scrum.org's Scrum Guide
  • Lyssa Adkins' Blog
  • If you pardon my own shameless plug, you can read my blog, too.
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To add to Assaf Stones good answer. One core principle in agile is inspect, transparency and adapt. Thus if things are not going well, and you are constantly inspecting and trying to do better then I would say your in the right direction. –  Brett Maytom PST Jun 24 '13 at 3:07

Here are they:

Also, you can google it for: agile project checklists.

Good luck.

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