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the other day I read this article by Alan Storm called "Using jQuery and the Object Literal Singleton/Module Pattern".

Now I'm wondering if any of you are writing jQuery code using the object literal notation a lot? I'd be happy to check some code examples and/or get advise on when it actually makes sense to use this notation.


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Why downvote this without explanation? –  Jim Ferrans Jul 10 '09 at 18:44
The tooltip on the down arrow will give you enough explanation, Jimmy. –  Josh Stodola Jul 10 '09 at 19:34

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I first saw the Object literal pattern in the wild in a joomla extension called jomsocial. At first I was not aware of what i was looking at but it seemed like a slick way to implement code across multiple interfaces. After some searching I discovered its a pattern that is used in the jQuery community and not just something they cooked up.

Here is a good sample of it in action..


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You can also check this very good article about object literal pattern written by rmurphey: http://blog.rebeccamurphey.com/2009/10/15/using-objects-to-organize-your-code

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