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I have the following glossary as2 XML code example from flashkit and when I was trying to do a trace to see how is the text being loaded from the XML, I couldn't get how the code actually finds the correct entry to load. When I do the trace, it returns me the full array of the XML entries instead of a single one.

    _master.termByID = function(termID:String) {

function displayTermByID(termID:String):Void {
    var info:String = "";
    var originalTerm = termID;
    var found = findTermIndex(termID);
    trace("im here");
    while(found == -1 && termID.length > 0){
        info = "The referenced term ID <i>"+originalTerm+"</i> was not found. <br>";
        found = findTermIndex(termID);
    if(found != -1 && originalTerm != termID){
        info += "Displaying closest matches: " + termID + "<br>";       
    } else if (termID.length ==0){
        info += "No substring yielded any matches.<br>";
    whichTerm = found;

this is the main method used to display the text but when i did the trace, it does not even shows up in the console and yet the text is being displayed in the textbox.

function findTermIndex(termID:String):Number {
    var pow:Number = 2;
    var numTerms = termArray.length;
    var split:Number = Math.round(numTerms/pow);
    var currId = termArray[split].attributes.id;
    while (currId != termID && numTerms/pow>.5) {
        pow *= 2;
        if (currId<termID) {
            split += Math.round(numTerms/pow);
        } else {
            split -= Math.round(numTerms/pow);
        currId = termArray[split].attributes.id;
    if (currId == termID) {
        return (split);
    } else {
        return (-1);

this is used to find the term index.

function parse(glosSrc:XML):Void {
    var numTerms = glosSrc.childNodes.length;

    for (var i = 0; i<numTerms; i++) {
        var thisChild = glosSrc.childNodes[i];
        var insertPoint = termArray.length;
        while (insertPoint>0 && termArray[insertPoint-1].attributes.id>thisChild.attributes.id) {
        termArray.splice(insertPoint, 0, thisChild);
        // use this to get the imgURL value
        //thisImg = String(glosSrc.childNodes[i].childNodes[1].firstChild.nodeValue);
    //imgLoader.contentPath = thisImg;

the XML parse function

function displaySearchResults(matches:Array):Void {
    var numMatches = matches.length;
    if (numMatches) {
        var resultString = '<textformat leading="'+resultLineSpacing+'"><font size="'+fontSize+'">';
        for (var i = 0; i<numMatches; i++) {
            resultString += '<a href="asfunction:displayTermByIndex,'+matches[i]+'">';
            var fullTerm = termArray[matches[i]].firstChild.firstChild.firstChild.nodeValue;
            var cleanTerm = escapeAtChar(fullTerm);
            resultString += cleanTerm+'</a><br>';
        resultString += '</font></textformat>';
        def.htmlText = resultString;
    } else {
        def.htmlText = '<font color="#'+errorHexColor+'" size="'+(fontSize+2)+'">No matching terms found.</font>';

another method used to display the resulting text from the XML. def is the dynamic textbox object being used to display the text.

so with all these methods, I have traced all the possible Strings that is being passed but all seems to either not return anything or it returns a whole lot of parameters instead of the one that is supposed to be shown.

would be glad if someone can explain how the code actually works so i add in more fields in the XML.

the whole source file is available here.


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Try putting .toString() after the numeric values when you trace them. I think you can get odd results when you add strings and numbers in AS2. –  Amy Blankenship Jun 19 '12 at 16:53
but at least there will be a trace that returns something even though its not a string.. but what i'm getting is no strings at all... so its kinda weird.. –  kristalize Jun 20 '12 at 3:31
You won't see anything in the trace if AS2 decides it's null, for instance. But do what you want. –  Amy Blankenship Jun 20 '12 at 3:57

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