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The Problem:

I have a xsd schema with included documentation, like:

<xs:element name="Tag" type="XTag">
      Do like this:
       - foo
       - bar

When I view the documentation in Eclipse, the white-spaces are truncated to a single space, so I end up with:

Do like this: - foo - bar

This naturally limits readability when documentation is more than a little note. In javadoc for instance, one can one html tags to format the documentation

The question:

Is there any way to format the documentation, at least just adding newlines?

Some details:

I'm doing everything in Eclipse. The XSD i write is added to preferences -> XML -> XML catalog, so I can get content assist and view documentation in the XML editor.

It's an internal tool and the only foreseeable place the documentation will be viewed is through Eclipse in the way described above. So if it works in eclipse, it's good enough :)

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Try using html like <br/> for newline and List<ul><li>item</li></ul> for list items.

Not sure if you should be embedding "under construction" animated gifs or even tables though. It worked for me while documenting an xsd and creating a corresponding xml using oXygen XML editor.

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It works for some tags, e.g., <br/> and <b> but not for <ul> which shows up unchanged in the Eclipse tooltip. An important note is, that one has to escape the brackets, so <br/> becomes &lt;br/&gt;. If you don't do it Eclipse will skip the tag and it's content. –  Bittenus Jan 16 '13 at 9:52
hack the planet ;) –  jos Jan 16 '13 at 10:14
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