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I have a GridView with JPEGs loaded from the network.

I'm trying to find out the memory limits of my app.

I wrote a Robotium test to rapidly scroll through the GridView from top to bottom. Even when I have almost 300 JPEGs, the heap measured through Runtime.freeMemory() and the native heap through Debug.getNativeHeapFreeSize() are stable.

I am testing on the Eclair emulator, since my app needs to support Eclair.

Where does Android get the memory to store the Bitmaps? The numbers don't seem to add up.

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Does the Adapter you use for the GridView re-use views? If so its garbage collecting the images from the re-used imageviews once there no longer a reference to them.

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Yes, that looks like it. The GridView recycles them with the RecycleBin and ScrapViews. –  mparaz Jun 20 '12 at 6:32

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