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I have a py.test test function marked as xfail:

def test_that_fails():
    assert 1 == 2

In my pytest_runtest_setup() hook, I skip this test explicitly:

def pytest_runtest_setup (item):
    pytest.skip ('Skipping this test')

When I run py.test, it reports that the test xfailed: x

========================== 1 xfailed in 1.69 seconds ===========================

How can I get py.test to report this test as skipped?

It seems like I am asking, "How can I remove the xfail marking form this test in my pytest_runtest_setup() hook?"


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Thanks for the bug report :)

I agree that expecting py.test to report this as a "skipped" tests rather than xfail makes sense. After all, the xfail-outcome (xfail/xpass) cannot be determined if the test is skipped. I just fixed this issue which you can install by typing:

pip_install -i -U pytest
# using easy_install is fine as well

this should get you 2.2.5.dev4 with "py.test --version" and fix your issue. It will be part of the next pypi release.

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