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I need to find a way to detect if a request is a callback when the Application_BeginRequest method is called.

Sub Application_BeginRequest(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)<br />
    Dim _isCallBack As Boolean = False

    ' Code to set _isCallBack is True or False Here

    If Not _isCallBack Then
        '... Some Code
    End If
End Sub

I need to know what to replace "[Code to set _isCallBack is True or False Here]" with.

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I see that you've tagged the question as ASP.NET, but don't forget to be explicit about the technologies you are using in your question. – Marcus Griep Jul 11 '09 at 2:42

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This may help you:
Search for the word __CALLBACKID:

*To determine the callback mode, the ASP.NET runtime looks for a __CALLBACKID entry in the Request collection. If such an entry is found, the runtime concludes that a callback invocation is being made.*

We needed to do this from within an app_code file where access to the Page.xxxx objects was not available. This is the code I ended up using:

If Not IsNothing(HttpContext.Current.Request("__CALLBACKID")) Then
    'The request is a callback
    'The request is not a callback
End If

Maybe not the prettiest solution, but it does the job. We were using Array.IndexOf for a while, but it seems that sometimes that form parameter arrives back as lowercase parameter (not sure why or how), and Array.IndexOf is a case sensitive search.

Be careful looking for these kinds of __XXXX request keys. I remember reading somewhere that it's not a good idea to "shortcut" to these elements since their names could change in some future version of .net. Just keep that in mind!

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Depends on the context of your question. I see you are talking about ASP.NET in the tags, using VB.NET. You can probably use:

If Not Request.IsPostback Then
  ' Your code here
End If
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I needed something similar and, following on Dean L's answer, figured .NET itself must know what to do. Looking in the HttpResponse.Redirect method with Reflector, you see code like this:

Page handler = Context.Handler as Page;
if (handler != null && handler.IsCallback)

Seems to work fine in Global.asax.

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Didn' work for me... – TheGateKeeper Aug 16 '13 at 13:20

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