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When I go to sbt and type the command "start" it shows me what it should show me, a simple page with a simple message.

But when I go to sbt and type the command "run", it shows me a welcome screen. The routing files shows the default page getting sent to the Application controller and the index function. The index function calls index.scala.html.

Why do I keep getting the welcome screen when choosing "run"? I can't get rid of the welcome page.

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Everything is all right, welcome screen is always displayed on the freshly created application in development mode. The dev mode is called with run command (in oposite to production mode started with start command).

As you discovered - to get rid of this you just need replace the default content of the index.scala.html view - after that, this is absolutely your view with no more welcomes.

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I am still not sure why I always got the welcome screen, but changing the view in the controller solved the problem.

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