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I'm trying to create a new server control type in ASP.NET. This control would put a RequiredFieldValidator into a certain place. My class inherits from the WebControl class and it has a ControlID property which is the ID of a given control. The RequiredFieldValidator will be generated near the control with the given ControlID. However, the value of ControlID is nothing. In what events can I successfully use this property?

Public Class MyControl
    Inherits WebControl

    Protected Property ControlID As String
    Protected Property IsLinkedBrother As Boolean = False

    Protected Overrides Sub OnPreRender(e as System.EventArgs)
        Dim rootControl = If(IsLinkedBrother, Parent, Page)
        Dim controls As Stack(Of Control) = New Stack(Of Control)
        Dim currentControl As Control = Nothing
        Dim result As Control = Nothing
        While ((result Is Nothing) AndAlso (controls.Count > 0))
            currentControl = controls.Pop
            If ((Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(currentControl.ID)) AndAlso (currentControl.ID.Equals(ControlID))) Then
                result = currentControl
                For Each child As System.Web.UI.Control In currentControl.Controls
            End If
        End While
    End Sub
End Class

But ControlID is Nothing for some reason and the event throws an exception. ControlID is never changed after initialization and it is initialized this way:

<MyControl runat="server" ID="IDValue" ControlID="ControlIDValue" EnableCliendScript="true" 
    CssClass="Whatever" Display="Dynamic" />

I've searched and tried for hours but with no luck. Can anybody tell me what can cause this behavior and why, does anybody has some suggestions for a solution? Thank you in advance

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ControlID must be public for this to work; it can't be protected and be able to be set from markup.

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Thank you Brian, I'm currently building my project to test this, thank you very much. I'll write about the results as soon as I get them. –  Lajos Arpad Jun 19 '12 at 18:27

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