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I have 3 different divs, all are AJAX populated. jScrollpane is not working in one of my div irrespective of whatever rendering order i tried.

After some debugging the plugin i found out the problem lies in this particular line contentHeight = pane[0].scrollHeight;, where the scrollHeight & width is always 0. below the complete snippet

            pane.css('overflow', 'auto');
            if (s.contentWidth) {
                contentWidth = s.contentWidth;
            } else {
                contentWidth = pane[0].scrollWidth;
            contentHeight = pane[0].scrollHeight;
            pane.css('overflow', '');

            percentInViewH = contentWidth / paneWidth;
            percentInViewV = contentHeight / paneHeight;
            isScrollableV = percentInViewV > 1;

            isScrollableH = percentInViewH > 1;

            if (!(isScrollableH || isScrollableV)) {
                    top: 0,
                    width: container.width() - originalPaddingTotalWidth

pane is a newly created jsPane that appended to the original elem

pane = $('<div class="jspPane" />').css('padding', originalPadding).append(elem.children());
                    container = $('<div class="jspContainer" />')
                            'width': paneWidth + 'px',
                            'height': paneHeight + 'px'

why is it the scrollHeight is always 0 for this particular div? also other 2 divs are top level (only body is the parent), but the problematic div is very deep. Got 4 parent divs on top of that. I suspect the the problem is due to some height settings in any of the parent divs. But couldn't figure out where?

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