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When I remove an item from a flexbox, the remaining items "snap" into their new positions immediately rather than animating.

Conceptually, since the items are changing their positions, I would expect the transitions to apply.

I have set the transition property on all involved elements (the flexbox and the children)

Is there any way to animate edits (adds & deletes) to a flexbox? This is actually a showstopper for me and the one missing piece with flexbox.

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Are you able to post a demo that reproduces your problem at all? Either JS Fiddle, JS Bin or similar would be good, for us to see what's going on in your code without having to built our own tests. –  David Thomas Jun 19 '12 at 18:17
try (for chrome) -webkit-transition:width 2s; I think it may be the width which is animating when the box is removed. –  ppsreejith Jun 19 '12 at 18:17
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Remember that the Flexible Box Model and Grid Layout specifications are changing constantly, even the properties and valid values. The browser implementations are far from complete as well. That being said, you can transition on the flex property so that the elements transition smoothly, then just listen for TransitionEnd to finally remove the node from the DOM tree.

Here is an example JSFiddle, running in Chrome 21: http://jsfiddle.net/5kJjM/ (click the middle div)

Edit: To further clarify, when you remove a node, you should set its flex to 0, then remove it from the DOM. When adding a node, add it in with flex: 0, then transition it to flex:1

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where there is content in your middle div, this doesn't quite work as well –  Jason Jan 25 at 1:40
You could easily wrap the content and set overflow to be hidden during the transition so that it works nicely. –  skyline3000 Jan 25 at 19:00
i can't find any transition in the demo... it works just like normal flex... and the transitionEnd handler in the demo is not triggering which means no transitions are being applied... –  Tilwin Joy May 25 at 5:41
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