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has anyone an idea why I have the following problem with passing locals to a Ruby partial ?

My partial (excerpt):

 <div class="control-group">
   <%= field_prefix %>
   <%= label_tag t("shared.email"),nil,:class => "control-label" %>
   <div class="controls">
   <%= email_field_tag "[email]", contact.nil? ? "" : contact[:email]  %>

My partial is included in the following way:

 <%= render "shared/contact", :field_prefix => 123 , :contact => @person.contact %>

Also if i do it this way it wont`t work, the second local i pass (field_prefix) is not passed:

 <%= render :partial => "shared/contact", :locals => {:field_prefix => 123 , :contact => @person.contact } %>

I always get the error message that the local variable "field_prefix" is not recognized:

undefined local variable or method `field_prefix' for #<#:0x5837418>

It`s coming from the partial view.

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Does it help to change field_prefix to symbol :field_prefix on the second line of the partial ? –  Michael Durrant Jun 20 '12 at 3:43
seems to be a cache or IDE problem (bug?) see my last post, sorry –  Thomas233 Jun 20 '12 at 10:33

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Just a sanity check, are you sure the partial you are looking at is the right one? When this has happened to me I thought I was looking at the right file and ended up realizing that I was looking at the wrong code.

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most of the time I really like Ruby but sometimes it is very very annoying and mysterious :-/

I had to restart my IDE (RubyMine) and the integrated server to get it working without chaning any source.

Of course the sources were saved also yesterday when I tried it first but there seems to be a cache or something like that in this IDE.

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