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I am banging my head for the last couple days in order to get this done but Im unable to. Someone please help me out! Let me not tell u the whole thing and will try to explain it simply n clearly. Im having 1 ArrayList. I am trying to replicate that into another one and trying to delete an item at a particular index. But this not only deletes the item in the replicated ArrayList but also the original ArrayList.

For ex:

var DuplicateList:ArrayList = new ArrayList();
DuplicateList = OriginalList;


The above not only deletes the "Item 3" at Index-2 in the DuplicateList but also in the OriginalList.

I just need some workaround with this approach as this is the only way by which whatever I typed inside the controls present in an ItemRenderer of a FLEX List control that uses the OriginalList as a dataProvider is RETAINED, when I change the dataProvider of the List Control from OriginalList to DuplicateList. The following approach does not retain all the data.

var DuplicateList:ArrayList = new ArrayList();

ListCntrl.dataProvider = DuplicateList;

Thanks for your help in advance...

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A very, very important thing to understand:

ActionScript3 uses references to objects. Because of that, the two variables in this line of code refer to the exact same instance of an ArrayList:

DuplicateList = OriginalList;

So, when you remove an item from one reference, it is gone from the next. If you want two separate instances of ArrayList, then you need to clone it like you are suggesting later in your code.

So far, so good... but why is your ListCntrl retaining the data from the OriginalList? That doesn't make any sense at all. If you remove an item from DuplicateList and then use it as the data provider, then that item shouldn't be there. I think there is more to this story...

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