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I need to post message on a certain FB page as a owner by cron, using php and ZF 1.1.X. For this small issue, I don't want to create a full OAuth stack. Is it possible to communicate with FB API (it's desirable, PHP SDK for FB) without it, such as twitter with his precreated access tokens (Access token, Access token secret)?

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Yes, you need to build an app and then authorize the page via the app while requesting the manage_page permission.

You should make yourself familiar with the Server Side Auth process as well.

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Yet server-side authentication flow still will use OAuth for User authentication – Juicy Scripter Jun 19 '12 at 18:49
You're not going to be able to post to FB without oauth. This is the next best thing. This removes the login portion. – covati Jun 20 '12 at 23:11

As long as you need an active user access_token to retrieve desired data this is not possible to skip OAuth flow.

Without authenticating user you only have application access_token (in old format APP_ID|APP_SECRET, but it's still works) and only limited access to most of Graph API endpoints and Application settings.

Actually there is nothing hard in implementing the user authentication with OAuth flow and it is completely transparent with usage of PHP-SDK.

Just look at the sample code in documentation for server-side authentication

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