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I found this question posted elsewhere on the web, but with no answer. I just noticed the same thing while developing a calendar app, and it seems to be a problem for me to:

I've always had my contacts & calender on my iPhone locally and my phone used to call this group "On my iPhone"... after iOS5 and iCloud update, the only option is iCloud. There is no "On my iPhone" option anymore, which I need for when I'm travelling abroad and have no data connection to update the iCloud's online contacts, I looked online and they said Importing SIM contacts would bring this back, and again it dosent give me the option for On My iPhone, the only option is iCloud. How do I bring "On my iPhone" or offline contacts back.?

When I examine the event store (EKEventStore) from within my program, I can see that the calendars array contains local calendars, including the custom calendar created by my application. But I don't see these local calendars on my device. Also, I don't see how to enable them on the device.

This may have happened after upgrading to iOS 5.0, 5.1 or 5.1.1, but I can't be sure. It was possible at one time for me to see on the device both the set of local calendars and the set of iCloud calendars. Now I only see iCloud calendars.

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