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Is it possible to pass a variable from a parent template to a child template. For example, if i wanted to put some repeated HTML in a separate template that was included within a foreach loop in its parent template


foreach ($items as $item)
	echo $this->getChildHtml('item_info');


I would want to be able to access the $item variable within the item_info template.


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I've split my product list template to a separate file so I can use it in several places.

In the parent template, I do something like:

$this->getChild('product_list_list')->setData('products', $_productCollection);
echo $this->getChildHtml('product_list_list'); 

In the child template I can do:

<?php foreach ($this->products as $_product): ?>
  // display products
<?php endforeach; ?>

So you should be able to do:

$this->getChild('item_info')->setData('item', $item);

and then within item_info, access it as


Hope that works for you. Works for me on magento 1.3, but it seems fairly fundamental, so probably common to all versions.

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I know it's not a new post, but here is a little completion :

you should call getChildHtml with cache attribute at false, such as :

$this->getChildHtml('item_info', false);

And then, it will work perfectly.

Thank you benlumley

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