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I have a Chrome extension which does the following action:

chrome.extension.sendRequest({action: "store", working_tab: tab.id, 
                              store_text: text});

And Correspondingly, the listener is:

chrome.extension.onRequest.addListener(function(request, sender, sendResponse) {
  if (request.action == "store") {

Can you please guide me, what would be the corresponding code for a Firefox Extension? I followed the Firefox Extension tutorial but that didn't help me much.

Appreciate, if you could post me a code snippet, so that I could start working on this.

Reason why I'm doing this: I'm trying to port this Chrome extension to Firefox.

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1 Answer

The equivalent code with the Firefox Add-on SDK would be something like this code:

In the main.js script, a page-mod object is created that injects a content script into a page, and also sends it a message:

// main add-on script
  include: "*.org",
  contentScriptFile: self.data.url("my-script.js"),
  // Send the content script a message inside onAttach
  onAttach: function(worker) {
    worker.port.emit("replacePage", "Page matches ruleset");

In the content script, the event is received:

// content script
self.port.on("replacePage", function(message) {
  document.body.innerHTML = "<h1>" + message + "</h1>";

A working example can be found here:


It's important to note that, although the above example only shows communication going from the add-on to the page, the reverse is also possible - you can send messages from the content script back to the add-on using the same basic pattern of sending messages from the worker to the content script and back again. For more on how content script communication works:


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