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I'm building a rails app that uses the Twitter Ruby gem to call the Twitter API. I've authorized the app myself so I get more than the normal 150 (I think I get 350) calls per hour, but in production this still may not be enough. What are my options to avoid rate-limiting besides caching (already doing it) and requiring the user to log in themselves?

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Let users log in and have their own rate limit. – Sergio Tulentsev Jun 19 '12 at 20:04

You need to get the user oauth_token and the user oauth_token_secret, and then you do the requests on his behalf (so you don't have the limit).

So, assuming that you have the token and secret_token, you can do this:

@client_twitter = Twitter::Client.new(
      :oauth_token => token,
      :oauth_token_secret => secret_token

And just do the request with that @client_twitter. For example:


So, you might be asking: How do I get the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret? They need to give permissions to your app to do so. You can use OmniAuth, and you will see both the token and secret token in the hash that is coming back once they have authenticate.

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