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I'm trying to convert a PDF to a text file, but I must be doing something wrong because the output does not contain any spaces between words. I've tried pyPDF, PDFminer and slate (using the examples that I could find here and on google) but the output is always the same and therefore something like this:

design and construction. People who create digital libraries need to gather documents for inclusion, defining a suitable metadata set, and assigning metadata to each document. Source material is imported into the system through plugins that handle various document formats (plain text files, HTMLWeb pages, Microsoft Office files, PDF documents) [2] [3] [11]. Unfortunately, the PDF plug-in does not handle very well technical papers, and does not automatically extract administrative metadata (see the discussion in Section 2). To deal with this problem we developed the pdf2gsdl package to automatically extract administrative metadata from PDF articles.

Becomes this:

designandconstruction.Peoplewhocreatedigitallibrariesneedtogatherdocumentsforinclusion,deï>ingasuitablemetadataset,andassigningmetadatatoeachdocument.Sourcematerialisimportedintoth>eystemthroughplug- insthathandlevariousdocumentformats(plaintextï¬les,HTMLWebpages,MicrosoftOfï¬ceï¬les,PDFdo>uments)[2][3] [11].Unfortunately,thePDFplug- indoesnothandleverywelltechnicalpapers,anddoesnotautomatica>llyex- tractadministrativemetadata(seethediscussioninSection2).Todealwiththisproblemwedevelopedth>pdf2gsdlpackagetoautomaticallyextractadministrativemetadatafromPDFarticles.PortableDocume>nFormat(PDF)isdesignedtoallowuserstoexchange,view,andprintelectronicdocumentspre- servingtheirlookinthemostcommonarchitectures.Fromtheinformationextractionpointofviewonepro>lemisthattheorderoftextualobjectsintheï¬ledoesnotalwayscorre- spondtothereadingorder.Severalconvertersareavailableeitheropen- sourceorcommercial(agoodsurveycanbefoundin[9]).

This is the second PDF that I try to extract text from without success (two random PDFs downloaded from the internet).

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

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I haven't seen this problem. I use PyPDF in a documentation validator script to examine the text and it spaces fine. Open the PDFs up in Adobe Reader and maybe see what tool is being used to produce them? It sounds to me more like a faulty PDF-ing tool than a problem with the library. (Mine are generated by FrameMaker.) Also, another library you could try is SWFTools. –  kindall Jun 19 '12 at 20:09
I use pdfminer for my pdf scrapings. –  Paulo Scardine Jun 19 '12 at 20:18
Adobe Reader tells me that this PDF was produced by iTextSharp 4.0.7 and it seems that you are right because I've just tried with another PDF and it actually works very well. –  Davidoff Jun 19 '12 at 20:20

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