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I have a problem: on my server phpmyadmin doesn't work anymore. it offers the file db_structure.php for download instead of parsing it .

once downloaded it has 0KB

I already removed it with atp-get purge and reinstalled it, but still the same what could be wrong?

maybe a module missing that phpmyadmin is using? cause all other php files work on my server

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I had same problem.

Try following command. This is solved my problem.

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5

In general, download instead of running is caused by not installed/enabled php module.

You may also enable the php apache module using:

sudo apt-get install php
sudo a2enmod php
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I found out the reason:

i had the beta version of googles spdy:// protocol included on my server and this caused the error.

i disabled it in


and everything went fine again

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