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Is there a way to output multiple css files from one scss file?


I have default.sass, but I also want to create an unminified default.css and minified default.min.css.

I know I could do this with two command prompts open, but I was hoping I could knock it out with command.


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I've been looking too; unfortunately, I'm gonna have to roll my own @export { } at-rule. Given @export "foo" { } that block writes to foo.css. –  Dan Lugg Nov 5 '12 at 22:23

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I have a solution of sorts for this if you're using Windows, although it's a bit ungainly.

Make 3 batch files, all in the same folder. The first will be the file you actually run, the other two are programs that it will run, suppressed, with the START command.

@echo off
START "Regular CSS" /D%~dp0 /B "core.css.bat"
START "Minified CSS" /D%~dp0 /B "core.min.css.bat"

"* CSS" will be the window title. Necessary, but unused in this case. "/D%~dp0" sets the working directory to the execution directory. "/B" suppresses new window creation and runs it in the current console instead. "*.bat" are the batch files to run.

The second would be your normal CSS file.

@echo off
sass --watch ./core.scss:../css/core.css --style expanded --cache-location ./.core.css-cache

The third, your minified CSS.

@echo off
sass --watch ./core.scss:../css/core.min.css --style compressed --cache-location ./.core.min.css-cache

You must specify separate cache locations, otherwise the compiler will explode.

Because START does not wait for execution termination unless flagged with /WAIT, this will spin off both batch files at once inside one console. Ctrl+C will also prompt you to kill both sessions individually.

Feel free to play with the details, obviously, but this general concept is working fine for me.

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