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I have the following code, and I think it is ugly:

loginCheck = do
  ml <- getPostParam "login" -- ml and mp :: Maybe ByteString
  mp <- getPostParam "password"
  if isJust ml && isJust mp
    then authAs (fromJust ml) (fromJust mp)
    else render "Msg" [("text", "Form incomplete")]

This code seems to be very imperative. Can I simplify it somehow?

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As others have suggested, Applicative could be nice here, as well as MaybeT depending on the context. A third thing you might keep in mind is that a pattern match failure in a do block binding calls fail.

This is what I would do:

loginCheck = do
  ml <- getPostParam "login" 
  mp <- getPostParam "password"
  fromMaybe (render "Msg" [("text", "Form incomplete")]) $
            authAs <$> ml <*> mp

Or a solution with MaybeT, albeit one with a different return value (again more context might show this to be a good approach or not):

getPostParamT = MaybeT . getPostParam
loginCheckT = do
    ml <- getPostParamT "login" -- ml and mp :: Maybe ByteString
    mp <- getPostParamT "password"
    liftIO $ authAs ml mp
   <|> (liftIO $ render "Msg" [("text", "Form incomplete")] )

...actually the above is rather hokey now that I look at it

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I think your first approach is the cleanest of the lot. That's what I'd do, anyhow :). –  Tikhon Jelvis Jun 20 '12 at 1:14
+1 when I saw the type of logic required, I immediately thought fromMaybe + applicatives. Your fromMaybe solution is very clean. The MaybeT solution isn't bad; refactoring larger swaths of code to use MaybeT might be a good choice in OP's case. –  Dan Burton Jun 20 '12 at 2:14

How about:

loginCheck = do
  ml <- getPostParam "login" -- ml and mp :: Maybe ByteString
  mp <- getPostParam "password"
  case (ml,mp) of
    (Just l, Just p) -> authAs l p
    _ -> render "Msg" [("text", "Form incomplete")]

Code that uses isJust and/or fromJust is nearly always bad style and slightly dangerous if you get the isJust check before fromJust wrong.

This can be be improved by

  • Pattern matching, like above. But if this is nested it gets ugly.
  • Combinators, like fromMaybe can be more succinct.
  • Using Maybe (and MaybeT) as Applicative or a Monad can avoid the ugly nesting.
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loginCheck = case (,) <$> getPostParam "login" <*> getPostParam "password" of
  Just (l, p)  -> authAs l p
  Nothing      -> render "Msg" [("text", "Form incomplete")]

perhaps? No. Oops.

loginCheck = do
  x <- (,) <$> getPostParam "login" <*> getPostParam "password" of
  case x of
    Just (l, p)  -> authAs l p
    Nothing      -> render "Msg" [("text", "Form incomplete")]

How annoying.

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Re your second attempt: I think x :: (Maybe ByteString, Maybe ByteString), not x :: Maybe (ByteString, ByteString). The functor <$> and <*> are operating on is IO, not Maybe. –  dave4420 Jun 19 '12 at 21:37
He just needs to add liftM2 before case: liftM2 (,) <$> getPostParam "login" <*> getPostParam "password" >>= \res -> case res of ... –  applicative Jun 19 '12 at 23:18

Not sure if this is an improvement here, but maybe in some cases...

import Control.Monad
import Control.Monad.Trans.Class
import Control.Monad.Trans.Maybe

getPostParam' = MaybeT . getPostParam
render' x y = lift (render x y)
authAs' x y = lift (authAs x y)

loginCheck = runMaybeT $ 
        go `mplus` render' "Msg" [("text", "Form incomplete")]
        go = do
            ml <- getPostParam' "login"
            mp <- getPostParam' "password"
            authAs' ml mp
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I think it's cleaner to not define render' and authAs', and just write the lifts inline, because such a function usually wouldn't be used more than once anyway. –  John L Jun 20 '12 at 0:15
loginCheck = do
  [ml,mp] <- mapM getPostParam ["login","password"]
  case liftM2 authAs ml mp of 
    Nothing         -> render "Msg" [("text", "Form incomplete")]
    Just authorize  -> authorize

This might seem strange because it pattern matches on a Maybe (IO ()), but this is perfectly sound. Or, using maybe:

loginCheque = mapM getPostParam ["login","password"] >>= \[ml,mp] -> 
              maybe message id (liftM2 authAs ml mp)
    where message = render "Msg" [("text", "Form incomplete")]
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Oh, forgot about fromMaybe mentioned by jberryman; where I use maybe it should just be fromMaybe message (liftM2 authAs...) –  applicative Jun 20 '12 at 0:46
loginCheck = do 
  res <- return$ getPostParam "login" >>= \l -> -- ml and mp :: Maybe ByteString
                  getPostParam "password" >>= \p->
                   Just (l,p)
  case res of Nothing -> render "Msg" [("text", "Form incomplete")]
              (Just (l,p)) -> authAs l p       
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