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Is there a way to customize the SBCL REPL in a way that makes it work similar to the CLISP REPL. The standard SBCL REPL isn't really usable on Mac OS X. I can't use the arrow keys or backspace.

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You could use rlwrap

If you have MacPorts installed you can get it with

sudo port install rlwrap

The invoke sbcl with

rlwrap sbcl
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This gives you history, but not tab completion like CLISP. –  Doug Richardson Aug 19 at 23:38

Most of the people use SBCL REPL with SLIME. It gives it by far much more features, then readline, that is used in CLISP. If you aren't comfortable with using Emacs, you can try ABLE (available through quicklisp) - a very simple editor, that supports some basic REPL features on par with readline, but as well has basic code highlighting and built-in Hyperspec.

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There's vim+slime (slimv) too, for vim users.

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You can try linedit which is available via Quicklisp. That said, Emacs+SLIME is a real beast. In fact, Firebug is the only thing close to it that I'm aware of.

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