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Let's assume that I have mytable in mySQL

CREATE TABLE `mytable` (
  `gender` enum('MALE','FEMALE','UNISEX') NOT NULL,

I don't want to enumerate these values at design time. I want to put them in another_table as values.

In another_table the SELECT values are:

==    ======
01    MALE
02    FEMALE
03    UNISEX

I can define the mytable.gender as INT and combine these two tables in WHERE clause with sth like

Can I create a database level foreign-key relationship with these enum values at design time?

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Yes, you use a foreign key constraint.

That will make the database refuse inserts or updates to id values in the mytable table that doesn't exist in the another_table table, and refuse deletes from the another_table table for values that are used in the mytable table.

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Thanks, you helped a lot and I could managed to get it working with making both fields as INT(4) types. What if I want to use multiple values from another_table? (MALE and FEMALE values in same row.) I couldn't change the type as SET after my initial setup :( – noway Jun 19 '12 at 21:32
@noway: The you would use another table to connect the two tables. You can add a unique constraint to that table, to prevent one record in mytable having more than one of each of the values from the another_table. – Guffa Jun 19 '12 at 21:40

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