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I finally after too much of pondering started my project on googlecode. One of the best features I liked about googlecode was the revision control for wiki, where I can add/edit the wiki pages locally offline and then commit/push later.

I have pulled the wiki to my local repository, is there any good googlecode-wiki-toolbar-attached editor for googlecode wiki, as from my knowledge evey wiki has its own syntax for writing.

Or if someone is also using a local repository for wiki.code.google, what practice are they following for writing the document for online collaborations.

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After lot of googling, I think the only way is

download the wiki-repository, and edit pages manually through Vim or any text editor following the wikiSyntax. Then do an

hg commit / hg add -- based on if u edited or added a file.

and then,

hg push

to upload your files to the main wiki

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Well, if you have saved the whole wiki, can't you open that up in your browser and just edit it like any other Wiki?

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No it doesnt work, the browser doesnot provide any edit/add system, unless i will have the wiki-engine running on my localhost. –  Vivek Sharma Jul 10 '09 at 18:15

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