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i am using Jvectormap to place 2 maps on my page. the maps are placed normally and everything is fine. they are placed in 2 different divs:

<div id="map1">

<div id="map2">

and the Jquery:

$(function () {
        color: '#aaaaaa',
        backgroundColor: '#ffffff',
        hoverOpacity: 1,
        hoverColor: true

$(function () {
        color: '#aaaaaa',
        backgroundColor: '#ffffff',
        hoverOpacity: 1,

Now when I try to change the colors of map2 dynamically using:

$("#map2").vectorMap("set", "colors", colorsDictionnary);

The colors of the first one only is changed.

and this happens only when changing colors. Always the first one have it's colors changed even if I am using $("#map2")

How can change the colors of the map2 without touching map1?

Thank you very much for any help, I really need it

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there is no need to use 2 $(function () { – Vohuman Jun 19 '12 at 22:04
yes I putted them in 1 function. but that doesn't affect the problem. thanks – Youssef Jun 19 '12 at 22:05

Does this accomplish what you are trying to do?

This answer builds upon an answer I posted to a question here: jvectormap region colors


(function() {
    var myCustomColorsOne = {
        'AU-SA': '#4E7387',
        'AU-WA': '#333333',
        'AU-VIC': '#89AFBF',
        'AU-TAS': '#817F8E',
        'AU-QLD': '#344B5E',
        'AU-NSW': '#344B5E',
        'AU-ACT': '#344B5E',
        'AU-NT': '#344B5E'
    var myCustomColorsTwo = {
        'AU-SA': '#803300',
        'AU-WA': '#993D00',
        'AU-VIC': '#B24700',
        'AU-TAS': '#CC5200',
        'AU-QLD': '#E65C00',
        'AU-NSW': '#FF7519',
        'AU-ACT': '#FF8533',
        'AU-NT': '#FFB280'
    var myCustomColorsThree = {
        'AU-SA': '#B8E186',
        'AU-WA': '#B8E186',
        'AU-VIC': '#B8E186',
        'AU-TAS': '#B8E186',
        'AU-QLD': '#B8E186',
        'AU-NSW': '#B8E186',
        'AU-ACT': '#B8E186',
        'AU-NT': '#B8E186'

    mapOne = new jvm.WorldMap({
        map: 'au_merc_en',
        container: $('#ausieOne'),
        backgroundColor: '#EFF7FF',
        series: {
            regions: [{
                attribute: 'fill'}]

    mapTwo = new jvm.WorldMap({
        map: 'au_merc_en',
        container: $('#ausieTwo'),
        backgroundColor: '#EFF7FF',
        colors: '#3377CC',
        regionStyle: {
            initial: {
                fill: '#B8E186'
        series: {
            regions: [{
                attribute: 'fill'}]


    $("#color-changer").click(function() {
        var $that = $(this);
        if ($that.hasClass("green")) {
        } else {
        return false;



<a href="#" id="color-changer" class="green">Change colors of Map Two</a>
<p>Map One</p>
<div style="width: 354px; height: 300px" id="ausieOne" data-projection="mill" data-name="au_mill_en"></div>
<p>Map Two</p>
<div style="width: 354px; height: 300px" id="ausieTwo" data-projection="mill" data-name="au_mill_en"></div>
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