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Good evening guys!

I'm currently trying to work with a Delphi pascal translation of the ATI ADL structure. In brief, this allows me to retrieve information from an ATI/AMD GPU in a system, and potentially control various aspects of it (such as clock and fan speeds).

The translation was taken from Delphi-Praxis (Google Translated) or Delphi-Praxis (not translated) and the provided example application works. I successfully transferred it over to a visual/GUI application, but i'm having trouble getting my head around expanding from the example. I wish to update one of my existing applications with support for ATI GPU's, but i'm having trouble.

My main purpose is to retrieve the strAdapterName from AdapterInfo inside adl_structures. Having not worked with units like this from scratch before, i'm unsure how i define the type itself inside my application. The record structure of AdapterInfo is as follows;

 AdapterInfo = record
  /// Size of the structure.
  iSize : integer;
  /// The ADL index handle. One GPU may be associated with one or two index handles
  iAdapterIndex : integer;
  /// The unique device ID associated with this adapter.
  strUDID : array [0..ADL_MAX_PATH] of char;
  /// The BUS number associated with this adapter.
  iBusNumber : integer;
  /// The driver number associated with this adapter.
  iDeviceNumber : integer;
  /// The function number.
  iFunctionNumber : integer;
  /// The vendor ID associated with this adapter.
  iVendorID : integer;
  /// Adapter name.
  strAdapterName : array [0..ADL_MAX_PATH] of char;
  /// Display name. For example, "\\Display0" for Windows or ":0:0" for Linux.
  strDisplayName : array [0..ADL_MAX_PATH] of char;
  /// Present or not; 1 if present and 0 if not present.
  iPresent : integer;
 // @}

I'm honestly struggling to figure out exactly what i need to define in the type section of my application, and moreover, to actually get something workable.

There's very little delphi-specific information on the ADL library (the only information was the Delphi-praxis link above) and while it's well documented in it's SDK format, i unfortunately lack the knowledge to be able to translate between languages (e.g. i can't read C or C++ code and translate what data type variables are).

Any ideas?

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It seems to me you just need to add the adl_structures unit to your app, and then declare a variable of type AdapterInfo, like var AInfo: AdapterInfo;. You've posted what seems to be a perfectly good Delphi declaration above, unless the ATI library is non-Unicode (in which case the Char arrays should be changed to AnsiChar). –  Ken White Jun 29 '12 at 16:44
@KenWhite That declaration is from adl_structures itself, but the issue is that in the sample application, it reports temperatures, and assigns a function in the type section along with a variable to point to this function. This function hooks into adl_structures to retrieve the temperature. I'm having trouble understanding how i'd define the type function in order to work with AdapterInfo, particularly what variable i need to assign in said function. Everything i've tried to declare returns a null value (i.e. no value appears in the label i'm trying to output it to). –  Scott Pritchard Jun 29 '12 at 18:29
Please see this thread for some answers regarding ADL: stackoverflow.com/questions/13105804/… –  lowrider Oct 29 '12 at 0:43

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