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I've recently created a site with a django app hosted by webfaction. In general, things are running as expected, but I am also trying to use the ShopifyAPI, and get "Import error, no module named shopify" traced to one of my views.py. Everything worked when developing on localhost.

I SSHed into the host server and tried to install the ShopifyAPI with easy_install. It seemed to have reported being successfully installed, but I'm not sure if this actually does anything real on an external server?

Does anybody have suggestions? Any limitations on ShopifyAPI that I may not have considered?


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The easy_install command will install the module for Python2.4. You are likely using Python2.6 or Python2.7. If you are using Python2.6, enter:

easy_install-2.6 ShopifyAPI instead of easy_install ShopifyAPI.

If you are using Python2.7, enter:

easy_install-2.7 ShopifyAPI insead of easy_install ShopifyAPI.

You can read more about using easy_install on Webfaction here

After installing the API, restart your Apache instance and it should see the module as expected.

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Thanks! That worked. I should mention, my /home/lib/python2.7 didn't exist, so I had to create the directory. –  Daya Jun 20 '12 at 18:34

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