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I am working on an application which, in the end, will produce a .CSV file. I have already found how to turn an array or arrays into a .CSV file, but I am having trouble figuring out the preceding step.

I have a bunch of html inputs in a form that will be sent to PHP, I am hoping to have one array consisting of all the input names (input name="example") and another array that consists of the values put into those fields by the end user.

In the end I was the CSV to be a product of both arrays. The first row being things like Height, Width, Depth, and the second row being 10 mm,20 mm,9 mm, etc etc.

I am wondering if a mixture of html classes and a foreach could be used, but I'm really not sure. Any help would be great! Thanks!!

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using the square bracket notation will convert these named fields into arrays, here are a few examples

<input name="array[]">
<input name="array[]">
<input name="array[]">

<input name="array[foo]">
<input name="array[bar]">

<input name="array[0][foo]">
<input name="array[0][bar]">
<input name="array[1][foo]">
<input name="array[1][bar]">

Then to get a quick preview of your data use var_dump() or print_r()

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Oh great! Thank you so much. I'm a little new with arrays though (im sorry!). I just want to make sure I understand, am I able to name more than one array with my inputs? Like input 1-5 go to an array named "Awesome" and 5-10 go to "Donuts" or something. – dudergroob Jun 20 '12 at 16:28
Sure, the word "array" here can be replaced with your own name. Also if you're happy with this answer, please click the tick icon under the number next to this answer! – Scuzzy Jun 20 '12 at 22:34

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