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I have a simple jsfiddle where i am trying to change value of each foreach binding. If I try to change value of a row then binding updates all other rows which I don't want. what wrong with this binding?

<div data-bind="foreach:lines">
    <input data-bind="value: qty, valueUpdate: 'keyup'" />
    <label data-bind="text: qty"></label>

var Product = function (qty) {
 self = this;
 self.qty = ko.observable(qty);
var Cart = function () {
 self = this;
 self.lines = ko.observableArray([]);
 self.lines.push(new Product(1));
 self.lines.push(new Product(2));
ko.applyBindings(new Cart());

UPDATE: I moved self.lines.push into cart model

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The problem is that you're missing var from self = this. It needs to be var self = this. In your example, self is a global variable and each object is sharing the same self value.

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correct. silly me. –  ashraf Jun 20 '12 at 0:42

Cart is your model:

var c  = new Cart();

c.lines.push(new Product(1))
c.lines.push(new Product(2));​

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don't work. I moved lines.push into cartmodel still don't work. please see my edit. –  ashraf Jun 20 '12 at 0:37

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