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I am using Code Igniter, The HMVC library, and Smarty with this library.

Smarty is working fine by default, however if I try to use smarty's inheritance feature ( {extends file="master.tpl"}) then we run into an issue.

The extends feature does not look in the module views folder for the extended file (in the above's case master.tpl), instead it only looks in the application/views/ folder and throws an error if it cannot find it.

I could add APPPATH."modules/smartytest/views" to the $config['template_directory'] array in the smarty config file. but that throws an error for each item in the array it checks first for the file. filemtime(): stat failed for application/views/master.tpl

and that has the added issue of, if I have three modules all the the array and the modules all have a master.tpl then no matter what module I call the extend from it will load the first one found.

So, is there a way to get smarty's extend function to behave nicely with the HMVC modules?

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Ah, found a working solution,

in My_Parser.php edit the block at line 30 so it reads:

// Modular Separation / Modular Extensions has been detected
if (method_exists( $this->CI->router, 'fetch_module' ))
    $this->_module  = $this->CI->router->fetch_module();
    //add the current module view folder as a template directory
    if ($this->_module !== '')

The one drawback of this method is that smarty will look in your application/views folder before the module views folder. if someone knows a solution to that then it would be fantastic.

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protected function _find_view($file) { // Ye ol' faithful views folder $view_folder = APPPATH . 'views/'; // The location of our HMVC modules $modules_folder = APPPATH . 'modules/'; // Final path $final_path = FALSE; //add the following line!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $this->_module = $this->CI->router->fetch_module(); // Make sure we have a module if ($this->_module !== '') { – Stefan Pöltl Jul 24 '12 at 8:19
YOur comment got truncated – Hailwood Jul 26 '12 at 10:13
i have kind of same kind of problem but not using HMVC with my CI smarty if you can solve it bounty is yours. some time is still remaining.… – Sizzling Code Sep 6 '14 at 7:32

The problem is that CI is not checking error_reporting() returns 0, because Smarty is using the @ control operator: So add the line at the top of the function "_exception_handler":

if (error_reporting() == 0) return;

To the "Common.php" file in the "_exception_handler" function (line 469), or create your own function with the same name before calling "CodeIgniter.php" in the index.php file.


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