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I'm building an app soon and I'm wondering if there is a function we could build such as enabling the app to only run in wifi mode, or only run in 3g and run in both.

The purpose is that if a local phone was bought into foreign country, running the app with wifi if available is better compare to running 3g and pile up the bills.

I've tried doing some google search and such but there doesn't seem to be any way function that can be built-in to prevent connection from either sources. Is it available only by iphone setting?

If there is any sources for this topic, please let me know as it would be a great help. thanks!

EDIT - I've played a few iOS game and I realize some game has the option of connecting online or wifi only. Does anyone have any idea how I can achieve this? Google and reading up the dev website doesn't help much. Or maybe I'm looking into the wrong keyword when searching. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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See this question for some information. Specifically, the use of the Reachability code provided by Apple that demonstrates how to determine network status.

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